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• To become the African entrepreneurial reference leader by identifying and transforming contemporary needs and challenges into solutions through business opportunities.


• To develop a business model based on a solid foundation of quality and integrity and create value for our customers and stakeholders.


• To create a formidable team of resourceful individuals who in turn would put their intellectual power into use by preferring innovative industry-standard solutions.




To provide a benchmark in professional services to the energy industry (oil and gas, renewable energy) that is reliable and cost-effective.

What We Are


JUVICLE Energy Resources Ltd is an energy company incorporated in Nigeria and headquartered in Lagos.  The organization is involved in the consulting services to the oil and gas industry, oil and gas exploration and production, energy management as well as business solutions to solve the challenges of the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan Africa energy industry.


Juvicle Energy Resources Ltd Oil & Gas Consulting Services focuses on Asset Management, Reserves Estimation, Integrated Field Development Studies/Planning, Production Optimization/Well and Reservoir Management, Exploration Studies, Data/Information Management & Analytics, Project Economics, Business Strategy, Management Consulting and Training Services.


We have a great portfolio of diverse professionals and subject matter experts with both local and international experience for quick project and service delivery, and exceptional customer satisfaction. JUVICLE is here to deliver many possible solutions to our most pressing oil and gas challenges.


JUVICLE also has the capacity to support investors in evaluating technical uncertainties and business risks and provide professional advice on investment environment. We give value to technology and innovation with understanding that each project is a peculiar and sensitive case.


With the globe moving towards big data and artificial intelligence, JUVICLE also offers to its numerous clients its Data Analytics services and solutions. We utilize the power of Data Analytics to inspect, clean, transform, and model data with the goal of discovering useful information that might not be available to the normal eye, making recommendations that guides decision-making.


We are open to strategic alliances with energy and technology companies worldwide to deliver quality solutions to the energy industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Juvicle Energy Resources Ltd Oil & Gas Consulting focuses on Asset Management, Reserves Estimation, Integrated Field Development Studies/Planning, Production Optimization, Data/Information & Analytics, and Information Technology.


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