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Exploration Studies


JUVICLE carries out the following exploration analysis:


• Outcrop Studies


• Regional and Basin Studies


• 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation


• Prospect Generation and Maturation


• Prospect Risk Analysis and Ranking


• Rock Physics Analysis


• Volumetric Analysis


• Asset Evaluation, Uncertainty Management, and Probabilistic forecast


• Structural Modeling and Analysis / Fault Seal Analysis


Prospect Evaluation and Maturation


JUVICLE Energy Resources Ltd Prospect Evaluation and Maturation Team (geochemists, geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists) do carry out studies to establish conditions for hydrocarbon occurrence through prospect definition, prospect generation, flux and timing, and assessment. Fundamental Elements of Play which include:


• Source rock,


• Reservoir rock,


• Seal,


• Trap and Charge, are being carefully analyzed.


The team are trained and have expertise in petroleum systems analysis and modeling, seismic evaluation via structural and stratigraphic (seismic or sequence stratigraphy and seismic stratigraphic modeling) interpretation of seismic data.


JUVICLE evaluates prospective resources using a fully integrated, probabilistic methodology that begins with a rigorous, independent review of technical data and analogous fields. Economic modeling of each prospective reservoir incorporates various economic factors and development practices based on the potential probabilistic resource quantities estimated beyond the relevant fiscal regime and binding contracts. The geological and economic risks / uncertainties associated with each prospect are analyzed and ranked accordingly. Our experience with global reserves and prospective resources supports its ability to offer exploration and development planning, and production cost estimates. We develop competent person’s report for your investment drive.


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Juvicle Energy Resources Ltd Oil & Gas Consulting focuses on Asset Management, Reserves Estimation, Integrated Field Development Studies/Planning, Production Optimization, Data/Information & Analytics, and Information Technology.


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