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Integrated Field Development Studies/Planning


We construct integrated three-dimensional model of reservoirs for the purposes of reservoir simulation, hydrocarbon initially in place / reserves estimation, decisions making regarding field development, well placement and planning, enhanced oil recovery - EOR planning, and general reservoir management for production optimization.


Petrophysical Analysis


The full suite of petrophysical services that JUVICLE provides vary from short single well evaluations to fully integrated multi-well petrophysical studies, data room evaluations and equity re-determinations for straddled reservoirs / fields. Customers can receive petrophysical analysis deliverables to support integrated studies or stand-alone studies.


The integration of core data, sedimentology / facies, diagenesis, burial history, and mineralogy as part of our standard workflow into qualitative and quantitative log evaluation by the JUVICLE Petrophysical Services Team is aimed at providing our clients with the most accurate possible subsurface evaluations and assisting successful hydrocarbon exploration and development.


Integrated 3D Reservoir Modeling


We build two categories of reservoir models:


3D Geological / Static Reservoir Models – Our geologists / geomodelers, petrophysicists and geophysicists build geological models to provide a static description of the reservoir, prior to production. The integrated 3D static models we build honors all available data and predicts the spatial distribution of porosity, permeability, and fluid content throughout the field, to be used for dynamic reservoir simulation. Other advanced reservoir characterization techniques such as AVO analysis, forward modeling of well data and elastic inversion assist to guide the property distribution and understanding the reservoir fluid behaviour.



3D property (porosity) distribution for a producing field


Reservoir Simulation / Dynamic Models – Our seasoned reservoir simulation engineers use reservoir historical data and finite difference methods to simulate the flow of fluids within the reservoir, over its production lifetime. We value reservoir simulations because of the importance in reservoir management process as they are essential to the preparation of development plans, monitoring of reservoirs and evaluating reservoir performance throughout the reservoir and field lifecycle.


To have a full understanding of the reservoir dynamic behavior and optimal recovery, JUVICLE do focus attention on detailed petrophysical analysis – physical property, well log analysis, rock, and fluid property modeling.



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Juvicle Energy Resources Ltd Oil & Gas Consulting focuses on Asset Management, Reserves Estimation, Integrated Field Development Studies/Planning, Production Optimization, Data/Information & Analytics, and Information Technology.


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