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Wellsite Operations


Course Overview


Wellsite Operations is a course aimed at describing in detail the functions / responsibilities and duties of the Wellsite Geologists working on the rig site and base office. With wellsite site geology manual, the geologists follow work instructions and guidelines to properly evaluate the rock samples / cuttings and carry out formation evaluation during drilling operations and subsurface data acquisitions (wireline and coring).


Course Objectives


Participants will learn:


  • The pre-well, during the well and post well activities.
  • Integrated teamwork on the rig site for successful drilling operations, data acquisition, supervision of contractors, operations efficiency and cost optimization.
  • Types of data that is acquired (sidewall samples, core, wireline logs, pressure data etc), QC techniques and guidelines, wellsite data management.
  • Wellsite activities planning and safety precautions during drilling operations.
  • How to analyze and describe core (sidewall and whole core), qualitative quicklook evaluation and interpretation of wireline logs.


Course Content


  • Introduction to wellsite and rig familiarization.
  • Wellsite geologist activity summary and reporting operations activities (daily/weekly).
  • Data Collection and QC - Sample description, mud logging, MWD / LWD etc.
  • Coring and core analysis, wireline logging.
  • Post well review and final well report.
  • Formation pressure evaluation, high temperature high pressure (HTHP) wells.


Course Locations & Dates


Miami, USA - December 10-14 (2018) - $5,500.00



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